Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Album review: Geezër (S/T) (2015)

Geezër album cover

Album: Geezër
Artist: Geezër
Genre: Punk rock
Tracks: 8
Total time: 21:48

Before there was The Beatles, before there was the Rolling Stones...there was Geezër. In fact, Geezër goes so far back in rock history that they claim to have given the Stones their name. Frontman Harvey Geezër also says that back in the day, he stole Jerry Lee Lewis' girlfriend and says that “The Killer” is “a punk”. Yes, Geezër was rock ’n’ roll before there was rock ’n’ roll, and no doubt if they didn't suffer from the mild case of senility from time to time, they would be able to tell you whether or not it was they who actually coined that term.

So then, you would think a band with such a storied pedigree would be well-known by now, but most likely you have never even heard of Geezër before. How is it that Geezër has managed to slip through the cracks of rock history all this time? Well, that's probably another question that could be answered if the bandmembers didn't have such memory problems, but that's not the important thing...what is important is that Geezër is out there now, rockin' out and making music. A wrong turn at a retirement home outing changed the course of Geezër's road both literally and figuratively, and the senior trip to Disney World instead became a day at the Warped Tour, and it was there that the twin brothers Harvey and Leonard Geezër realized their calling and decided to learn how to play rock music. Faster than you can say “Guitar Hero”, Geezër was learning how to jam on rock songs and before long, were writing some merry tunes of their own.

For all their old age, Geezër is hip to what the kids are into these days, and seem to especially cater to the hipster crowd, by releasing their first album on cassette tape, planning a live home video for VHS release in the near future, and making their album available to their young fanbase who can't afford much on their allowance by selling their album at Kmart for the low price of $8. Geezër doesn't have groupies, they have female fans with whom they are fond of holding hands, drinking warm glasses of milk, and watching reruns of The Golden Girls. These guys are on the cutting edge of punk rock rebellion by being the most atypical punk rock band on earth.

“Let's get excited! Let's get excited!”, the album's opening track proclaims, and the “Geezër Nation” is here. Geezër really taps into that youthful teenage angst by encouraging their fans to “join the revolution”, and writing songs about teenage tragedies (“Mommy doesn't love me, Daddy doesn't hug folks hate my rock ’n’ roll hair, they say there's nothing under there...teachers just won't leave me alone, I think I'm better on my own”). But songs about how parents and grown-ups don't understand is not all they've got: there are also fun tunes about going to the beach, getting out of the city and holding your girl tight, and nostalgia about our favorite toy from childhood: Silly Putty! There's also a fun cover of the classic “California Sun”, which any cool kid will be cranking up from their Ford Pinto on their way to the malt shop.

Yes, there's no denying that Geezër, the oldest band in the world, are the vanguards of rock music and are the new trendsetters of the day. Come to think of it, most of those things that rock stars have done already, Geezër probably taught them how. They'd probably teach you too, if dinnertime at the senior's center didn't start promptly at 5 p.m., or in-between puzzle day at the rec room, or that blasted memory problem...

Special thanks to Harvey Geezër
For more information on Geezër, visit their Facebook page

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