Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Sorronia “Lost in Falling” (live)

Photo courtesy of StarWish Photography

One of my favorite newer bands on the symphonic metal scene, Hungary's Sorronia is representing the next generation of dynamic female-fronted European metal with classical vocals. Since the release of their debut album Words of Silence in 2013, Sorronia has moved right up the ranks in their genre. Touring with everyone from the legendary Tarja to Xandria to Nightwish, Sorronia has proven in a few short years that they can hold their own right alongside some of the best on the scene.

In this live video for the song “Lost in Falling”, you can see for yourselves the kind of performers they are, and just why so many well-respected bands in the genre hold them in such high regard. Vocalist Anna Király commands the stage in her trademark red-and-black dress with her soaring high vocals, while the rest of the band rocks it out and tears it up on stage. This video comes from the band's recent performance opening for Nightwish for the second time. As Sorronia continues to work on their second album, it won't be long before they are the show headliners!

For more information on Sorronia, visit their Facebook page, or visit their SoundCloud page to hear their “Betrayal” EP.

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