Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Diamond Lane “Slipping Away”

Photo courtesy of Karina Diane Concert Photography

When looking for music all over the world for this feature, it's nice to find some gems a little closer to home. This week I unearthed a diamond: Diamond Lane, to be exact; a metal band from my hometown of Los Angeles, who has played festivals such as Rocklahoma and Hempfest, as well as every club throughout the So. Cal. area. They have also had the distinct honor of being the only unsigned band to be named the “artist of the month” by Fox Sports, who also frequently uses the band's music in their programming.

Needless to say, Diamond Lane has got quite a lot going for them already. Musically, they remind me a little of Corrosion of Conformity, with a little bit of Black Label Society thrown in for good measure. Their gritty vocals, twin guitars, and seamless blend of no-nonsense rock coupled with fist-pumping anthemic catchiness also brings to mind another kick-ass L.A. metal band: Armored Saint.

The video for their song “Slipping Away” is even a little reminiscent of Armored Saint's “Last Train Home” video, in that there is a train in the background and the video appears to have been filmed in the more industrial areas of L.A. There isn't much to the video's concept; the band is shown rocking out, along with clips of the band walking alongside a moving train. But clearly this is more about how good the music is than whether or not the video is telling a cohesive story, and the music is so good that it really doesn't need further embellishments.

For more information on Diamond Lane, visit their official website.

Special thanks to Benjamin at Lords of PR.

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