Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: The Amatory Murder “U & I”

Photo courtesy of Hyato Foto

As my musical travels take me around the world, every now and then I come across a stop right here in the U.S. that makes me take notice. This week it's Brooklyn-based The Amatory Murder, whose brand of pop-flavored alternative is a fun throwback to ’90s rock.

The bands latest video, “U & I”, is a fun, catchy, upbeat song that is markedly different from their darker, more gothic sound; but its still got plenty of attitude! The video alternates between clips of the band either walking along the beach, or jamming on their instruments by the same shore. Later on, they are seen rocking out in a small room before returning to a cool shot of their guitarist ripping a killer guitar solo on the giant rocks along the beach.

Musically, the electronic elements in the music lend a youthful vibe, making this a tune that would sound perfect in a teen movie during the big party scene. (This is a compliment, by the way!) For all my enjoyment of everything rock and metal, I do appreciate the occasional pop-infused song, and this tune has got plenty to keep your toes tapping and your head banging.

For more information on The Amatory Murder, visit their official website.

Special thanks to Scott Genovese.

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