Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: The Spider Accomplice “You Still Lie”

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As a Los Angeles native, I have always been particularly proud of the music scene in my hometown. I feel that it captures the true spirit of diversity that makes L.A. a wonderful place to live. Whereas the Hollywood films show that side of L.A. that we want you to see, the music that is created here—regardless of genre—always manages to show you the other side of L.A. that is not so camera-friendly, but far more beautiful because of all its flaws and imperfections. So many world-famous bands and artists have hailed from here, or pulled up stakes from someplace else to make it here. Whether you are born and bred here or are originally from another place, there is something about Los Angeles that permeates everything it touches. Even for those of us who move away, such as myself, the city never really leaves you. It wraps its identity into yours, and it is that same intangible quality that makes its music scene both vastly diverse and instantly identifiable all at once.

One band on the local scene that I think really exemplifies this is The Spider Accomplice, a trio of talented musicians consisting of two parts East Coast and one part Finland, joining together in a perfect blend that is totally L.A. They get it—the city has become a part of them, and it has infused itself into the music. Their album titles, lyrics, and videos give a nod every now and then to the place they have made their home, and they have a sense of humor about it—that same humor that Southlanders all share in this private joke among ourselves, because we know how we are perceived by the rest of the world, and we laugh because they are way off...yet also not too far from the mark.

The band's latest video, “You Still Lie”, is chock-full of this humor from start to finish. The premise of the video is basically “not everything is as it seems” (after all, the song is called “You Still Lie”!). Vocalist VK Lynne and guitarist Arno Nurmisto are driving down the busy L.A. streets in a beat-up old Dodge Caprice. VK is at the wheel while Arno appears to be eating typical L.A. culinary fare—tofu. But turns out a bucket of chicken hides behind his health food! (Goes to show that most people in L.A. don't really eat that shit!) She promptly kicks him to the curb and drives on.

The next scene features more deception: this time drummer Justin Lee Dixon is riding shotgun, as he pulls out a little box, suggesting that he possibly voted Yes on Prop 64 in this last election. As he makes gestures insinuating that he is about to channel his inner Tommy Chong, VK once again reveals that the only green he is hiding in his little box are mints! (Again, don't assume that we're all just pot-smoking hippies out here!) VK proceeds to drop him off at the “medical dispensary”, and off she goes.

From there, we see the band jamming in an alley, having fun with friends on a sunny day in the park (a favorite Southern California weekend activity!), and VK driving along until she finds the two passengers hitchhiking on the side of the road. The video ends with her giving them another chance as they all ride off together in the lovely California sunset.

The Spider Accomplice's latest EP, Los Angeles: The Abduction, is available for purchase on the band's official website.

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