Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Death Dealer “K.I.L.L.”

Band photo

When you put a band together consisting of bandmembers from Into Eternity and Lizzy Borden, then add some other musicians who have worked with such vocal legends as Udo Dirkschneider and Rob Halford, throw in Sean Peck, known as “the man of a thousand voices”, and then top it all off with none other than ex-Manowar's guitarist “Ross the Boss”—you have all the components for a kick-ass metal band. That metal band is called Death Dealer, and while “supergroups” have become common in the music world these days, you would be hard-pressed to find anything common about Death Dealer.

Fusing together their respective musical genres such as thrash and speed metal, Death Dealer is bringing back traditional metal in a big way, but never sounding outdated or predictable. This is metal brutality that makes you pump your fists, bang your head, and kick some ass.

In their video for “K.I.L.L.”, the band rocks their asses off in a rehearsal space, as confirmed by a Google Earth-type navigational system (the term “target acquired” reiterating that whatever is going on at this place is of interest to us). Simultaneously, at another location, there are two “hot chicks” in bikinis, hanging out in a hot tub, rubbing lotion on each other, and tanning on lounge chairs—whom, at the beginning of the video, are identified by the navigational system as “agents”. But that is easy for some of our viewers to forget once the lovely ladies are on-screen!

As the video progresses, one of the women receives a text message: “They're a threat—take them out!!!” The two women give each other a knowing glance, and before you know it, they are dressed in sexy black uniforms, and hit the road in their sleek black sedan. As the band rips into a killer guitar solo, the women are packing heat. Without revealing the video's ending, I will simply say that the band has quite the sense of humor when keeping to the song's title.

For more information about Death Dealer—currently working on their upcoming 3rd album—visit their official website.

Thanks to Benjamin at Lords of PR.

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