Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Geezër “Boom Chick-a-Pop”

Band photo

The time has come once again to review a new video, and this week we are checking in at the most happenin' senior center in America to see what's new with our favorite elderly punk rockers. That's right, we're catching up with Geezër once again, who have found time to make a new video in-between bingo, field trips to the medical supply shop, crochet lessons, and Matlock reruns. The poster children of the AARP, Geezër is living proof that life starts at 70!

Case in point: the new video, “Boom Chick-a-Pop”, is all about Geezër's swinging lifestyle as rock star oldsters. In this lyric video featuring graphics of the bandmembers' skulls, and the word "Boom!” flashing across the screen, Geezër proceeds to tell a story about picking up chicks at Wal-Mart. (Sure, it doesn't sound very rock-and-roll, but where else do you expect to find groupies in suburban central Florida?) Apparently she's quite a catch: she not only cooks eggs for her man in the morning, but she's down for accompanying him to the sock hop at night. No wonder the Geezër guys have the vitality of a 50-year-old! Lyrically, there isn't much to the song except for repeating the title over and over. But, after all, these are guys pushing the century mark—we can't expect them to remember a bunch of lyrics!

For more information on Geezër, check out their blog!

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