Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Geezër “Geezër Nation”

Photo by Kevin Roberts

I know it hasn't been very long since the last time I reviewed a Geezër video here; but keep in mind that these guys are close to hitting the century mark, so they work a lot faster than those of us with time to spare. The Geezër guys live quite a busy lifestyle: in-between upgrading their pacemakers, getting fitted for dentures, and early-bird specials at the Golden Corral, it's a wonder that Geezër can find the time to play music—let alone film a music video—but they manage.

Always keeping up with what is cool, Geezër has found a loyal fanbase among the youth of today. Adored by hipsters and idolized by tweens, Geezër's band photos are quickly replacing Justin Bieber posters on adolescent bedroom walls across America. Tapping in to this rise in popularity, Geezër has released two lyric videos, and has now put together their very first live-action video for fans to see.

A most fitting choice for their first music video, the aptly-titled “Geezër Nation” has the band gathering their fans of all ages to join in the fun! Frontman Harvey Geezër shows off his dance moves while grooving with a couple of pint-sized Geezër fanatics; proving he can cut a rug with the best of them. Leonard Geezër and Calvin Sizemore show off their awesome guitars (one of them a very bright neon green), along with a female fan singing the chorus word for word.

For more information on Geezër, visit their official blog.


  1. My daughter loves Geezer. She had the choice. Geezer or Queensryche. She chose Geezer!

    1. See? Geezër are rock gods to the kids of today!