Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Iliad “He Knows You Know”

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In my search for music, I write about bands of varying age and popularity. Usually a quick Google search provides the most basic information about any band from any area. However, this might be a first for me: a band so new that even Google can't find them!

I wish I had more to write about this band, Iliad—I think they might be from the UK—but all I have is this video, which is how I found this band in the first place. The song is a cover, originally done by Marillion, one of my favorite prog-rock bands (at this point, prog purists will jump in and insist that Marillion is “neo-prog”—whatever that's supposed to mean—have fun with your labels!). The song was shared on the official Facebook page of Marillion's original singer, Fish, which is how I heard this cover.

“He Knows You Know” is a dark song with even darker lyrical content; it's sinister tone always so perfect for metal. Iliad takes the song's underlying frantic anxiety, and pushes it to the forefront, giving this song about drug addiction that extra degree of delirious obsession.

The lyric video provides perfect visuals: a sketch of clawing fingernails during the line “crawling up your bathroom wall”; a shot of a toilet at the lyric “singing psychedelic phrases to the depths of the china bowl”, and the image of a pale, strung-out junkie staring into a mirror, dark circles under his emotionless eyes. The most jarring visual comes when an image is displayed of a faceless addict sorting out lines of cocaine, as the lyric “he's got experience...he knows you know” scrolls across the screen.

For more information on Iliad, visit their official Facebook page.

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  1. Www.facebook.con/iliadmetal
    Massive thanks for checking out the song.
    We can now finally introduce the Iliad vocalist John Knight. Can't think of a better way to do this than via an amazing cover by Marillion called 'He Knows You Know'. As you can hear this boy can sing. Not quite as heavy as the Iliad material but we wanted to do a fairly faithful version of the classic Fish era Marilion track. Enjoy!

    UK Power Thrash Metal.
    Iliad are currently in the process of producing their first album 'Through The Cursed Mists' with the help of special guests John Knight (vocals) & Aaron Beeken (Lead Guitars)from the amazing SynaptiK band. We'll be posting updates when available.