Sunday, September 1, 2013


Just wanted to stop in and give a huge thanks to everyone who took the time to read my interview with Floor Jansen at the Sonic Cathedral site. I'm very humbled that so many people enjoyed it. I'll admit I'm pretty proud of it, considering that at the time I thought I didn't do so well. Seemed like we spent the first 5 minutes of our half-hour together trying to hear each other on the phone! But Floor was very easy to talk to; very open, friendly, and to-the-point. I had a lot of fun!

For those of you who haven't read it yet: Floor Jansen interview.

Special thanks to the Sonic Cathedral staff, as well as Oceansouls of America and Dream Emporium Poland for their help on some of the fan-submitted questions. One thing about going into this interview that made me really nervous was that I knew little to nothing about Floor's contributions to music outside of her stint with Nightwish over the last year. So I am very thankful to the folks that stepped in and wanted to know some of those things I might not have thought to ask.

Now that Labor Day is upon us and I have an extra day to not worry about phones ringing or other menial tasks that take up most of our weekdays, I might actually have some time to write something for this blog! One of the downfalls of being a writer is not the writing itself or even finding the time to write, but oftentimes getting distracted by ideas for the many things you want to write!

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Hope to have some new entries here soon!

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