Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Helion Prime “Life Finds a Way”

Helion Prime band photo

For this week's edition of “Hump Day Hot Ticket”, I decided to venture a little closer to home. Sacramento's Helion Prime has released their self-titled debut album this year, and their brand of “science metal” is light-years ahead of many of their contemporaries on the scene (pun intended). The project of Graveshadow vocalist Heather Michele, and Dire Peril guitarist Jason Ashcraft; Helion Prime boasts an impressive résumé. Because of their combined experience, they have crafted quite a mature, well-rounded sound for a band just getting started. As I mentioned in my review of their album, Helion Prime's debut is already a strong contender for making my list of favorite albums in 2016.

Now, two months after the album's release, the band has made an official music video for the first single, “Life Finds a Way”. The video's concept is fairly simple: the band rocks out, as images flash across the screen. This no-frills approach just further draws attention to the music itself, rather than relying on complicated storytelling or elaborate visuals to explain the lyrical content.

So turn it up and enjoy the music!

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