Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: The Spider Accomplice “Calico Concrete”

Group photo; courtesy of Norm Tallant

This week's video features a band I've grown to like a lot over the last several months: The Spider Accomplice, from my hometown of Los Angeles. Like many people who live in the City of Angels, the three bandmembers who make up The Spider Accomplice are all from different places—two members from the East Coast and one all the way from Finland—but just like the cultural melting pot that is Southern California, they combine their influences to make for a sound that is so L.A.

Fronted by VK Lynne—a well-respected vocalist on the femme-metal scene in her own right—The Spider Accomplice is a mix of various sounds ranging from straight-up rock to alternative to even a little bit of goth or folk. The video for this week, “Calico Concrete”, is a catchy tune with a video that immediately hits you with the sights and sounds of Los Angeles: the world-famous skyline, an old, broken-down television left out on a street corner, with flashing images of “breaking news”, followed by a police pursuit (something that has become somewhat of a spectator sport in the Southland). The band rocks out at a dilapidated-looking apartment building; the guys on the roof of the building, jamming it out wearing pink; while VK wears a super hero-type costume and wanders around the empty halls.

The band is currently holding an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the recording of their upcoming full-length album. Follow the link provided for more information.

But before you do that, why not check out the video first?

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