Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Von Smith “The Mystery of Mister V”

Von Smith

Although this blog is focused mainly on rock/metal music, that's not to say that I don't like to listen to other things, or that I can't feature other types of music here. Because I totally can. This is my blog and I can write whatever I like!

That being said, one name among that I have mentioned here before that falls under this category is Von Smith, a name you might know from Post-Modern Jukebox, a group of singers who perform cover songs in a “vintage jazz-pop” style. Von describes his music as “symphonic pop”; and to be honest, I cannot think of a better way to describe what he does. His music runs the gamut from so many different sounds and influences that it's hard to pin him down or to put him simply in one category. “Pop” is too small a word to describe Von as an artist: sure, there's pop, but there's also classic R&B, soul, as well as some jazz, some funk, a little bit of showtunes, and yes, of course, a lot of symphonic elements. Von's music really does have something for everyone. As a singer, he is one of those vocalists I can listen to all day long and never tire of hearing. He has such a huge voice, and it is so diverse, that it never ceases to amaze me all of the things he can do with those pipes!

Which brings me to his most recent video, the title track from his upcoming EP, The Mystery of Mister V, which is due for release sometime this summer. The video features shots of Von at the piano playing the melody, and then switching to Von wearing a tuxedo and bowtie, looking very old-school like a film from the 1940s. The song has a swing/jazz vibe to it, which complements Von's soulful voice so perfectly.

So until the EP is released (which cannot be soon enough, let me tell you!), why not take a look at the video and listen to the music yourself?

For more information on how to purchase Von's music or pre-order The Mystery of Mister V, just visit his official website.

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