Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Britta Phillips “Daydream”

Photo courtesy of Shelby Duncan

Since this is a new feature, then I can probably be forgiven for showcasing the same artist in less than a month's time. Then again, if music is good, then it can never be shared enough, right?

So then, in honor of “Jem's” birthday on June 1st, I share with you the latest video from Britta Phillips. Unlike the video I shared last month, which was a cover, this is one of Britta's original compositions from her debut solo album, Luck or Magic. This song, “Daydream”, is exactly that: it is so chill, so dreamy, that you just want to drift off and get lost in imagination. The video is like this too, with its random tranquil images flashing across the screen: a blue sky, flowers, an open road...all set to Britta's vocals, soothing as a gentle breeze; pulling you in and carrying you away with its otherworldly charm. It is really a perfect song for stress-relief! I am seriously listening to “Daydream” after a very busy, hectic day; and it is so relaxing and calming to my frazzled nerves. In fact, after a day like I just had, I may have to give this a few more listens! Then again, even if I was having a good day, I still might have given it a few more listens (and then some). Although the song is called “Daydream”, its spellbinding appeal is perfect anytime.

Luck or Magic is now available on Double Feature Records.

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