Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Secret Rule “The Savior”

Secret Rule band photo

While searching the world over for new music to share with you each and every week, I came across a little gem from Italy called Secret Rule, who might just have gotten their name because they are the best-kept secret, and they rule! (Yes, that was my lame attempt at a joke.)

All kidding aside, this female-fronted power/symphonic-metal band has got quite the guest roster for their upcoming album! With musicians such as Sonata Arctica's Henrik Klingenberg and ex-Delain bandmember Sander Zoen performing on the album, and guest musicians from Serenity's Fabio D'Amore, Delain's Timo Somers, and Within Temptation's Stefan Helleblad; Secret Rule boasts a musical guest list that is the envy of many a band on the scene.

The first single from the band's album Machination is a track titled “The Savior”, and it's a musical mix of all these different influences: the upbeat, pop-laced melodies of bands like Delain and Amaranthe; crossed with the powerful, gothic-influenced majesty of bands like Within Temptation; and topped with the dark heaviness of bands like Sirenia. Vocalist Angela Di Vincenzo is more of a straight-up power metal vocalist than she is operatic or classically-trained. Her voice may not have the bombastic strength of a typical power metal vocalist, but the vocal harmonies are much more reminiscent of a power metal style, and she pulls them off with finesse in her sweet, slightly-accented tone.

The concept of the video is also rather straightforward: the band plays in a dark warehouse-type area, along with clips of a storyline involving a mysterious hooded figure searching through the woods for his lost love (whom we see only in gray, shadowy flasbacks). So as to not ruin the ending with spoilers, I will just politely suggest that you watch the video to find out whether the character in the story ever found it.

Secret Rule's album, Machination, is available June 24th via Scarlet Records.

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