Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Beyond Forgiveness “Dust to Dust”

Beyond Forgiveness band photo

It always pleases me to see how much the femme-metal scene is growing in the U.S., especially in the symphonic metal genre; so when a new talent crops up from the States that specializes in my favorite brand of music, you bet I have to give it a listen!

Hailing from Colorado, Beyond Forgiveness is bringing back the dark gothic sounds of early Within Temptation and Tristania, complete with dueling vocals between the guttural growls of male vocalist Richard Marcus, and the high, operatic lilt of female vocalist Talia Hoit.

The video for the band's song “Dust to Dust” is laden with wintry gothic imagery: Talia walking through a snowy landscape until she comes to an old castle-type manor (it's a real location, called Bishop's Castle). There is lots of snow, which is probably a subtle reminder that the band is from Colorado! As soon as Talia's voice is heard, the music is almost cheery and Christmas-like, with the gentle chiming of bells in the background. As the song progresses, we see the band performing inside the manor, beneath the high cathedral ceilings. You can see the frost coming from their breath, it is so cold! There are also shots of Talia wandering through the old castle, standing by a balcony in a long white coat, or singing outside as guitarist Greg Witwer rocks out on his guitar beside her. About midway through the song, Richard comes in with his brutal vocals, as he stands outside in the falling snow. Towards the end of the video, the 3 male bandmembers are seen walking through the snow without Talia. All in all, a very well-put together video.

For more information on Beyond Forgiveness, visit their official website.

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