Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Porphyra “Porphyra”

Porphyra band photo

Ever since I began this weekly feature back in April, I have kept the content rather up-to-date; featuring videos that are fairly current or brand-new. However, this is not a rule of thumb, and this week I've decided to break from the pattern thus far and go back a little bit to a video from early 2015. So while it isn't brand-new, it could still be considered “fairly current”, and most likely it is new to many of you reading this!

About a year ago, I wrote a list of my favorite “singular” albums (i.e., bands who only released one album). Among these was the album Destination Unknown by a band from New York called Phoenix Reign. Although Phoenix Reign disbanded, the band's guitarist Billy Chrissochos went on to form a new band called Porphyra; whom, as I briefly mentioned on this blog, has become the very first heavy metal band ever to play the legendary Carnegie Hall. That's saying a lot, considering how many metal bands with far greater popularity would give anything to put that on their own résumés.

What I have always enjoyed about both bands (and obviously, Billy's creative vision being the connecting thread between the two) is that the music could be categorized as “power metal”, but there are many other different musical influences at work, which makes it vastly different from your typical power metal band. Lyrically, Billy has always touched upon themes rooted in Greek history, which gives the music that same epic storytelling that bands like Iron Maiden have done so well. Within the scope of Porphyra, other themes such as science fiction have also been incorporated; but ultimately it is the band's nod to their Greek heritage that gives both their music and lyrics that certain flair that their contemporaries just don't have.

And because the best bands always have songs named after themselves, Porphyra's musical namesake is a shining example of the band's knack for weaving strong imagery into the music. In the video for “Porphyra”, the Middle-Eastern stylings of the song is perfectly matched with seductive belly dancers—some of whom are quite limber, might I add—as they entertain a very disinterested-looking king on a throne. Chandler Mogel's hypnotic vocals perfectly complement the music, as it invitingly reels you in and takes you on an enchanted journey through song.

Currently, Porphyra is holding a crowdfunding campaign for their album in the making. Follow the link here for more information or to contribute. Or visit their official website to learn more about their “Grecian rock opera” that has wowed the audiences at Carnegie Hall!

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