Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hump Day Hot Ticket: Dream Spectrum “No Worries”

Band photo

Earlier this year, I did a feature on Dream Spectrum, an all-instrumental band from Buffalo, New York. Their virtuosity really impressed me, so when a new video came along, I looked forward to reviewing it here.

The band has a new album out, and “No Worries” is the first single. The song is exactly how you would expect a tune called “No Worries” to sound: it is bright, open, and uplifting. The look of the video is very much the same: the band is rocking outdoors on a sunny day with some old buildings in the background, and they are just jamming away! The Rush influence can really be heard on this track, but also a touch of Dream Theater, and the slow part towards the end reminds me a little of Yes. The video ends with an aerial shot of the city. I had never given much thought before to what a song about “no worries” would sound like before, but this feel-good tune definitely comes close!

For more information on Dream Spectrum, visit their official website.